Ever bought something and realized it was the wrong size, but it was too late to return it? Perhaps you have some clothes that just aren’t your style, and you can’t see yourself wearing them anymore? Or maybe someone gave you a piece of clothing as a gift but it just doesn’t suit you. Do not let those clothes just sit in your closet unloved...sell your clothes to Meesterhoff's!

    Here are the general guidelines when selling to us:

     Items must be in great, excellent, like new, or new condition. If the tags are still attached, that’s a bonus. That means no rips, no stains, no holes, no pilling, no odours, no damage or defects…you get the idea.

    We are looking for quality used clothing — clothing that is well-made and will last. This unfortunately means “fast fashion” isn’t really our thing. As a general rule, we will not accept items from Forever 21, H&M, George, Bluenotes, Urban Planet, and other similar brands.

    What about socks and underwear? We accept socks that are still in their original packaging. We will accept bras and sports bras as long as they are in great, excellent, like new, or new condition. We do not accept underpants or lingerie. 

    After you present us with your items, we will make you an offer based on the label, condition, and quality of the item(s) presented. The offer is up to the discretion of the Meesterhoff’s employee on duty. You will receive your payment in cash immediately, unlike a consignment store!



    We are currently on the hunt for a brick and mortar location in British Columbia!

    In the meantime, shop our closet on Poshmark. 





    I started Meesterhoff’s Quality Used Clothing Co. because I love shopping, but as an environmentally-conscious person, I want to seriously limit the amount of new clothing I buy. The fashion industry’s environmental impact is real: Every second, one garbage truck full of textiles is landfilled or incinerated. 

    Thrift shopping was always an activity I enjoyed, but after a while, it didn’t feel like a great use of my time to be sifting through aisles of clothes that were too often dated, discoloured, or defective. 


    At Meesterhoff’s Quality Used Clothing Co., we buy & sell quality used clothing. We offer a curated thrift shopping experience: everything in store is used, but in excellent condition — we won’t sell anything that has rips, stains, or holes. That means you can shop for fashionable, comfortable, and well-made clothing, without the guilt that comes along with consuming brand-new stuff all the time. 


    The fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of carbon emissions. Dyeing and treating textiles pollutes our water. Thousands of litres of water are used to grow the cotton required for a single pair of jeans.


    We don’t want to add to the degradation of our beautiful earth.


    Everyone has to wear clothes, but by buying & selling with Meesterhoff’s, you’re doing it the sustainable way.


    We’re still on the hunt for a brick & mortar store in British Columbia, Canada, so check out the FIND US section to see which event or festival in the Vancouver area we'll be at next.





    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 



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